San Diego Car Accident Lawyer

San Diego, being the second biggest city in the State of California, is home to almost one and a half million people, and over eighty percent of our population travel and commute by road on a daily basis. That’s over four-fifths of our population plying through our streets, highways, and freeways. Unfortunately, the utter size and volume of cars and automobiles in our roadways mean that all too often, there are accidents involved. This is something every other major city faces, however, in San Diego, it presents a more looming threat to unsuspecting pedestrians and drivers alike because there is just a lot of bikes and cars out there on our roads

Traffic and accidents in San Diego

We believe that the nature or volume of traffic should not prevent you from receiving your due compensation if you’re ever involved in an accident. The bad news is that there are a lot of careless drivers and bikers out there on our roads who do not pay too much attention to driving etiquettes and traffic rules. These same reckless bikers and drivers may contend that accidents that they may be involved in are not their fault (even if they were in the wrong). Also, if you are under any insurance packages, you may find out that these insurance brands aren’t too keen on paying out when it matters the most. Most times, reckless drivers will try to get away or avoid paying for damages or injuries. And insurance companies merely treat you like a file number. Their main reason is to make money and paying for other people’s losses, and injuries are not suitable for their business. If you’ve ever tried to make insurance claims, you know this all too well. This situation has created an atmosphere where victims are left without help, and defaulters and run scot-free in a lot of cases. We have taken upon ourselves as a professional responsibility to right the wrongs, to retrieve what is due, and make sure that you, the victim, are not denied your natural right to fair compensation and the right counsel.

Our strategy

If ever you are involved in a car accident, whether as a pedestrian, cyclist or as a driver, the first thing you have to do is get medical attention. Your health and safety are more important compared to other things in this instance.

We will assess the nature of the accidents, document all the details, study the situation in which it happened and list out every single injury and damage that occurred. These details will be presented, on your behalf, to the appropriate judicial authority, in compliance of all motor and vehicular laws and regulations in our city. This comprehensive strategy and legal counsel is available to anyone who seeks our services. You may have friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, etc. who have been involved in accidents, or who may have people they know who are victims of these accidents. You have a resposibility and legal right to inform them of our services because everyone you know deserves to be heard and represented by our experienced entourage of professionals and legal experts.